Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Where are the priorities?

Let me be the 1 millionth person to weigh in on what is now affectionately being called "Headbandgate" around the sports discussion world. The only question that I can muster up is "Are you guys kidding me?"

Not even a quarter of the way into the season and this is what we have to deal with? I am still on the fence about whose side I'm on in this fiasco. I understand that team rules are team rules and that they are there to be followed. Scott Skiles is just following John Paxson's mandate and if someone can't follow them then you deserve to get what's coming to you. Ben Wallace knew the rule and still went out to prove whatever assinine point that he had to prove. It seemed that he had some kind of agenda to make known and it's going to do nothing but cause problems within the team as a whole.

When given the opportunity to offer up some sort of apology for his actions he comes out with the wording that he knows the team rules and is "not sorry" for what he did. Not exactly the words that instill confidence that all is well in the Bulls camp.

Skiles has a new job role that he needs to accept in order to right the ship...peacemaker. He's played the babysitter role well to this point in developing the young Bulls team into a playoff team. Now that role changes if the team is to take the next step in their progression.

My suggestion? Win. Winning games breeds contentment and that is just what the Bulls need at this time.


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