Sunday, August 06, 2006

The fall of the mighty heavyweights

Apologies to those who have checked the site recently only to see an alarming lack of any updated postings. My vacation had ended awhile back, but my brain still had not been in sports mode...that is until this past Saturday. Something had been weighing on the back of my mind for quite some time and it finally needs to be brought up. The heavyweight division in the boxing world is on life support.

I long for the days of Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and even Lennox Lewis. They were around back when heavyweight bouts had pull and actually meant something. As of this posting, there is only one current heavyweight title holder in the USA and that is Hasim Rahman. His title is being challenged by the #1 contender, Oleg Maskaev, this upcoming Saturday on HBO PPV. With how poor heavyweight bouts have been in the past couple years, what could possibly convince someone to fire down $49.95 to watch this?

Back in the not too distant past the heavyweight division was all that anyone ever talked about, from the hardcore fans to the casual ones. They had all the characters and people saw no problems with putting hard-earned money to watch Iron Mike take on all comers. Love him or hate him, her had the draw needed to bring in viewers. Since his emminent demise into insanity, the boxing world has been forced to move on.

These days the lower weight classes have been where all the good action is at. All the draw is now with the junior welterweight, middleweight, and light heavyweight divisions. This is where the rivalries are being established and the best fights seem to be coming out of. The perfect mix of speed and power are a big part of the increase in popluarity here. Withing the past 2 months there have been a slew of outstanding bouts starting with Jermaine Taylor and Winky Wright (middleweights) battling to a 12-round controversial draw and just ending last Saturday in another controversy filled 10-round unanimous win for Vernon Forrest over Ike Quartey (jr. middleweights). I can't vouch for the poor judging all around these days, but that is to be discussed at another place and time.

Whenever new bouts are scheduled and posted I used to always look forward to whomever had an upcoming heavyweight title fight. But now those days are long gone. I hope that in the future this changes, but I don't see any upcoming fighters with that drive and charisma to really grab my attention. For the time being I will accept what is given to me and enjoy every other title fight from what had been known as the lesser weight classes.


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