Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Top 10 Sports Movies

I am running into a little bit of writers block tonight so I decided to pen down my ranking of top 10 sports movies of all time. Please feel free to praise/degrade me for my selections...

10) Tin Cup - Just kidding.....

10) Rounders - Somehow the writers were ahead of their time with the Poker craze

9) Blue Chips - Would have loved to see a Hoosiers squad of Bobby Hurley, Eric Anderson, Keith Smart, Chris Reynolds, and Jamal Meeks

8) Breaking Away - The sentimental pick for my Hoosier background

7) Rocky 3 - Just for the mention of Clubber Lang

6) Bull Durham - Classic movie highlighting life in the minor leagues with a quality cast

5) Field of Dreams - Anything with the 1919 White Sox and Shoeless Joe works for me

4) Slapshot - Just a cult classic all around

3) Rudy - Ruuuuuuudy Ruuuuuuuudy Ruuuuuuuuudy

2) Hoosiers - Jimmy Chitwood working off the picket fence is sweet as sugar

1) Caddyshack - I don't know a single golf fanatic that can't quote this entire movie line for line


At 11:09 PM, Anonymous arhtur agee said...

chicago sports wrap and you don't include hoop dreams?

At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought only bitches liked Bull Durham

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