Monday, May 08, 2006

Bulls offseason checklist

I read a top notch article today from Sam Smith in the Tribune and he dropped in a few nuggets of possible changes for the Bulls this off season...namely a couple of free agents not named Przybilla that can have an impact on the Bulls in the future.

First priority of course will be to sign Kirk Hinrich to a longterm deal. He showed flashes of being a solid, if not above average, point guard in the league of late. Kirk is one of the few untouchables that I see on the team currently. The Bulls can look to the draft get a decent tall SG in the draft the likes of Ronnie Brewer from Arkansas or Brandon Roy out of Washington if they are lucky. That will allow Kirk to concentrate on his main roll as being the primary ballhandler to set up the offense.

But I digress. Time to get to a couple of names that may draw some interest from the Bulls this offseason...

The first name dropped by Sam was that of Nazr Mohammed. A Chicago native who apparently is a bit miffed about being replaced by Robert Horry in the starting lineup during the first game of the 2nd round matchup with a speedier Mavs team. He is an unrestricted free agent and by common logic (or just wishful thinking) I can see him wanting to come join in with what the Bulls are doing to bring them back to where they used to be in the 90s.

The second name, and just as intriguing, Drew Gooden. He also is on the outs with his team due to this being the LeBron show. I can't blame #23 for trying to take over games and he has the skill to do it. Gooden is all the inside presence on offense that Tyson Chandler is not and he can contribute onthe defensive side when needed. Rock Chalk Jayhawk in Chicago if they can land him to play along with former KU teammate Hinrich. The only sticking point will be that Drew is a resticted free agent, and with the pending signing of James to an extension the Cavs need to show him that they are serious about winning.

Either way that they go on each guy there are 2 things that I really like to see...

1) They are the big guys that the Bulls need who are not afraid to mix it up inside.

2) Both guys are hungry and would have something to prove to their former teams if they leave. That fits well into the direction that the Bulls are looking to go.

That of course is all speculation and we will have to wait until the end of the playoffs to see which direction the Bulls go in. The pawns are in place and it's time for the Bulls to make their move.


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