Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Red Kerr's trip off the deep end and other random thoughts...

God Bless the man for all that he has given to the Bulls and my God eventually have mercy on his soul...the guy has lost it. I don't think the Johnny Red has had a clue in the past 2 seasons. I can count atleast 5 instances tonight where he had no clue how many fouls/timeouts a team had. I love celebrating when hearing that pansy (because of the tights) Vince Carter, who decides to play now that he is not on the Raptors, fouled out when he only had 5 fouls. The random screaming of "YESSSS!!!!!" and "NO!!!!!!!!!!!" makes me pine for a dream pairing of Johnny and Ron Santo together doing a broadcast of anything. The only thing being brodcast would be random "Oh nooooooo!!!!! He dropped the ball!!!!!" and "Thata boy!!!!!!" with no coherent thoughts inbetween.

Here is a question to ponder....Does Michael Sweetney wear a sports bra when he plays? Even Mickelson is jealous of those things.

Early Vegas odds have the NL team at even money odds to win the HR Derby this season just with the rumor that Bronson Arroyo will be anchoring the squad with. Arroyo is apparently in talks and will only hit if Glendon Rusch pitches to him.

Worst fantasy value early in the season??? Scott Podsednik batting a solid .038 with 1 run scored and no SBs. I am afraid of a pending DL stint and what that will do to the White Sox.

What will it take for Andres Nocioni to earn a nickname? That guy is the MAN!!!!

I think the Reds just hit another home run......I'm out.....peace.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The joys of the MLB Extra Innings package

Well, I have been contemplating getting the MLB Extra Innings package since last summer and I finally bit the bullet and bought it this season. First impressions??? The best money a baseball fan can spend. I am not a guy who has too many regular shows to watch during an average week and I have found the solution to what I've been missing.

As an avid fantasy baseball player who inexplicably ended up drafting 3/5ths of the A's starting rotation I have a feeling that I'll be spending plenty of late nights hopefully watching Zito, Haren, or Harden working late into the evening.

I can never get enough baseball and this is the perfect gift to give to myself. I feel like I have been a good enough boy to deserve this.

That's all I have for my first posting so just stay tuned in the future for thoughs on baseball and all other sports of note...